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The TQ3000R has a manual rotate feature that allows the operator to turn the blade from horizontal to vertical at the pull of a pin. When the disc is in the vertical position, it moves forward away from the operator. The operator can cut a tree, rotate the head, and cut it into logs.  List Price: $8,883.46   Discounted to $5,445.00

TQ3000 will cut a 10” tree in under 8 seconds and comes equipped with bolt on TS3 cutting teeth for low maintenance. These units are the #1 attachment for tree removal in their class.  List Price: $7,605.26   Discounted to $4,500.00

The Turbo Mulcher TM-60 is designed to deliver maximum production rates. The drum is equipped with TS3 Carbide teeth that can be rotated 4 times and have a eplacement cost 60% lower than the competition.  A direct drivetrain delivers trouble free operation and the unit is available for standard or high flow hydraulics.  List Price: $23,571.00  Discounted to $16,800.00  Here's the TM60 video:

The LT3200 is equipped with a pushing bar to direct the fall of trees away from the operator, while the TR3200 has a hydraulic grapples that can carry and stack trees.  The LT3200 can operate on tractors with 28-70 hp.  On a 540 rpm PTO, the cutting disc turns at 1,100 rpm cutting up to 6" per second. The mining grade carbide teeth can contact the dirt to ensure a smooth, below ground stump.  List Price: $5,240.60  Discounted to $3,800.00